Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Hello and welcome to my blog!

This blog has been started with the aim of examining the various meanings conveyed in the different images, words and sounds – in short, the various motifs present all around us. One could say that symbolism is a part of this study. I am also a big fan of Carl Jung and his theories.

Therefore, I am going to (at least, that is the plan) examine at least one image / sound / word per week and express my thoughts on the meanings conveyed by them. The idea is to look at these images / sounds / words from two perspectives: a collective or worldwide perspective, and also from a personal perspective.

Hope that you will join me in this quest and help me to unravel my way through the plethora of images that prevail and pervade all around us.

Don’t forget to add your comments and thoughts!

(Be aware though that the comments are moderated to ensure that no machines are writing to me!)